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Latest Issue: Issue 218 - April/May 2016

Southern Region DEMUs and Class 210

Class 201-203 (6S, 6L, 6B) ‘Hastings’ stock
Technical Data Class 201 (6S)
Technical Data Class 202 (6L)
Technical Data Class 203 (6B)
Class 201-203 (6S, 6L, 6B) Fleet List
Class 205 (2H, 3H)
Technical Data Class 205 (2H, 3H)
Class 205 (2H, 3H) Fleet List
Class 206 (3R) ‘Tadpole’
Technical Data Class 206 (3R)
Class 206 (3R) Fleet List
Class 204 (3T)
Technical Data Class 204 (3T)
Class 204 (3T) Fleet List
Class 207 (3D)
Technical Data Class 207 (3D)
Class 207 (3D) Fleet List
Class 210
Technical Data Class 210
Class 210 Fleet List
DEMUs into Preservation
Preservation Factfile
Departmental DEMUs